vegan dating?

I’ve just been wondering the past month or so since I’ve finally completely gotten over my ex (god that sounds so weird) who I dated for a couple months last fall. One of the reasons I ultimately broke up with him was because he didn’t support my transition to vegetarianism and constantly made rude and offensive jokes re vegetarianism and animal rights.
So as I’ve started thinking about relationships again, I’ve been wondering what other vegans think about dating nonvegans? Would you only date someone who is vegan, or at least vegetarian? I live in an incredibly rural area and have only met a handful of other vegetarians, never another vegan. I’m not looking for serious relationships right now, but it’d be fun to have a casual relationship again (famous last words, right?). Obviously I’m not going to be like “AHHH OMG MY VEGAN BLOGGING BUDDIES SAID I CAN’T DATE ANYONE WHO ISN’T VEGAN SORRY BRAH” but I’m definitely interested to see what other people’s thoughts are on this?
I can’t imagine myself every marrying someone who isn’t vegan also, and I honestly find the thought of kissing someone who has eaten meat  grotesque. 
Thoughts, opinions, advice, experiences? 

  1. missingfawn answered: My serious boyfriend isnt vegan.
  2. ilovemythoroughbred answered: I’m not vegan, but I am vegetarian and my boyfriend isn’t. It bothers me a lot, but I love him, so I put our differences aside.
  3. veganamazon answered: I’m currently dating an omni. I was dating him before I went vegan, & it honestly hasn’t caused many problems besides occasional eating out.
  4. hippiegym answered: Sometimes, I can’t help but fall for omnivores, but I’d really prefer to stick with a vegetarian guy, and I would LOVE to find a vegan guy.
  5. changing-for-myself answered: I would only date a person who was at least open to veg*nism. If they’re completely stubborn, it prob wouldn’t work out. Too many fights.
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