The beginning of the end for SeaWorld’s shows!?

While SeaWorld may be celebrating its 50th anniversary, it may not have many more birthday shows to come.

After the Blackfish documentary was released in January last year it has created a phenomenal wave of disgust in SeaWorld’s direction.

SeaWorld suffered a whopping $15.9 million loss, and also had to disable commenting on many of their Facebook pages and their YouTube account due to the amount of protest they received from the public. But that won’t silence the world - the blows at SeaWorld are still continuing, and are rising to a whole new level.

Senator Greg Ball proposed legislation in New York that ban keeping orca in captivity - and it has passed in the state’s Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation this week. Senate Bill 6613 would ban “the possession and harbouring of killer whales in New York State aquariums and sea parks” (Sen. Greg Bill).

Also, earlier this month (7th March 2014) assemblyman Richard Bloom introduced the Orca Welfare and Safety Act in the state of California. Bill AB 2140 would ban the captivity of killer whales for entertainment purposes, captive orca breeding, and it would also put an end to the importation and deportation of orca into, and out of the state. The “Blackfish Bill”, as it’s also known, has already gained over 1 million signatures and is looking very promising due to its tremendous support.

Is this the beginning of the end for SeaWorld’s orca and dolphin performances? Let us hope so!

If you would like to learn more about Blackfish V SeaWorld don’t hesitate to contact us here at Turn Tides.

Also, don’t forget to sign the Blackfish Bill (AB 2140) Petition! Every signature counts.


Update (28th March 2014): We have changed some of the information above to stress the closure of the orca shows and not SeaWorld as a whole. We are aware that SeaWorld makes a few rescue and conservation contributions also, but the focus of this article is on the freedom of the orcas and, hopefully in the future, the dolphins.


THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT GUYS !! no matter how many naysayers, films like blackfish DO make an impact and engender change in our government and society!




Give a child an apple and a chicken…the child will most likely hug the chicken and share the apple with the chicken.


"When meat-eaters run out of excuses to eat dead animals, they usually spew one of two inanities. First, they promulgate respect for the vegan lifestyle, and ask for some respect in return. Of course flesh-eaters respect the vegan way. What’s not to respect? Are we too compassionate, too merciful and too altruistic? Meat-eaters begging for vegan respect is akin to NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) pedophiles asking people who don’t rape little boys for respect. I don’t respect people who choose cruelty. I don’t respect a pedophile’s choice to molest kids. I don’t respect a rapist’s desire to violate a woman’s body. I don’t respect a thief’s desire to rob banks. I don’t respect a Nazi’s belief that Jews, blacks, gays, etc. are inferior and should be exterminated. I don’t respect lifestyles based on hatred and discrimination."

-Gary Yourofsky (via dontbreakveg)


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Quote from Peter Singer, an Australian moral philosopher. 


Quote from Peter Singer, an Australian moral philosopher. 

“But the Bible says…”